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Public Involvement Efforts

Guiding Principles for Public Participation

Federal transportation law states that an MPO will "… provide citizens, affected public agencies, representatives of public transportation employees, freight shippers, providers of freight transportation services, private providers of transportation, representatives of users of public transportation, representatives of users of pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation facilities, representatives of the disabled, and other interested parties with a reasonable opportunity to comment on the transportation plan." The MPO's public participation process must also adhere to the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

For more information, please review the MPO's Policy 2 - Public Participation Plan | Proposed Amendments (.pdf)


The Alamo Area MPO appreciates and values your participation in our transportation planning process. These are our core values for the MPO’s public participation process:

  1. People should have a say in transportation decisions that affect their lives.
  2. The process should strive to reflect the interests and meet the process needs of participants.
  3. The process will actively seek out and facilitate the participation of all those potentially affected.
  4. The process will provide individuals with various options in how they wish to participate.
  5. The process will provide usable information to permit the public’s participation in a meaningful manner.

Given these principles, the MPO's Public Participation performance standards include:

  1. Early, proactive and continuous public participation efforts
  2. Reasonable public access to understandable technical and other information
  3. Collaborative input on alternatives, evaluation criteria, and mitigation needs
  4. Open public meetings where matters related to transportation policies, programs, and projects are being considered
  5. Open access to the decision-making process prior to closure
  6. Commitment to seeking out and considering the needs of the traditionally underserved population(s)

You can help us improve our community’s quality of life by getting involved in any of the following ways:

  • Request a speaker for your neighborhood association, civic group or PTA meeting to discuss transportation issues in your area.
  • Organize your neighborhood and request a Walkable Community Workshop or Safe Routes to School Workshop.
  • Participate in MPO activities such as Walk & Roll events.
  • Attend MPO public meetings.
  • Attend MPO Committee Meetings.
  • Request to be placed on the MPO’s contact list for electronic or hardcopy news and notices.
  • Participate in MPO transportation studies or surveys.
  • Write, call, phone, e-mail or visit us to express your opinions, desires or concerns.
  • For Facebook members, become a friend of the MPO (click the Facebook icon on the upper righthand corner).