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Freight Planning

Planning for Freight in the Alamo Area

An Amazon package at your doorstep. The gas at your corner store. The produce in your shopping cart. Each of these goods moved through a network of highways, railways, waterways, ports, airports, and/or pipelines on its journey to reach you. In fact, more than 2.6 billion tons of freight is moved in Texas each year. This number is anticipated to increase to nearly 3.8 billion tons by 2040.

The Alamo Area is a hub for freight traveling to and from important ports of entry in Houston, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and El Paso and across the county. To ensure the safety and mobility of people and goods, AAMPO conducts continuous, collaborative freight planning activities.


The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act authorizes surface transportation infrastructure planning and investment during fiscal years 2016-2020. Read more about requirements for freight planning described in the FAST Act here.

Local and State Freight Planning

The Texas Transportation Commission adopted the Texas Freight Mobility Plan (Freight Plan) in January 2016. It is currently being updated to reflect new requirements set forth by the FAST Act, and the Alamo Area MPO is helping with this process. Read more about local and state freight planning efforts here.

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