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MPO Public Involvement Staff

Jaclynn Fragoso

Multimedia Specialist

(210) 230-6908

Jaclynn Fragoso joined the MPO in November 2007. As the agency's Multimedia Specialist, she is responsible for all creative elements (graphic design and digital multimedia productions) from conceptualization to delivery. Jaclynn’s creativity has been integral to developing a clear and consistent brand for the MPO as an organization, as well as its plans and programs. Her fresh and inviting publications, videos, infographics, and social media posts are also key to educating and inspiring people to use alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking, bus, carpool and ride share in the region.

Ambar Perez pictureAmbar Perez

Bilingual Public Involvement Specialist

(210) 230-6902

Ambar Perez is a native to Piedras Negras, Coahuila (México) and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from St. Mary’s University. She joined the MPO in 2008 as the Senior Administrative Assistant and now serves as the Bilingual Public Involvement Specialist. Ambar is responsible for community outreach, serves as the MPO’s contact for Spanish speaking individuals, performs multi-media language translations, and supports planning activities.