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Transportation Conformity

The MPO invited input on its 2021 Transportation Conformity Document during a 30-day public comment period December 14, 2020 – January 12, 2021. All public comments received have been addressed and documented in the document. On January 25, 2021, the Transportation Policy Board took local action determining transportation conformity of the FY 2021-2024 TIP and revised Mobility 2050 project list. These are now under review by State and Federal partners.

What is transportation conformity?

Transportation conformity assesses projects in an MPO’s short-range and long-range transportation plans for the effects we estimate they will have on air quality. It ensures that if the region builds the projects in these plans, these projects won’t make air quality worse and, hopefully, will improve it.

The transportation conformity process is required of all MPOs within nonattainment areas – regions that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has determined do not meet a healthy level of air quality. Bexar County was designated as a marginal nonattainment area in 2018. Ozone levels here will be reassessed in 2021.