AAMPO Fatal and Serious Injury Crash Overview

The greater San Antonio area includes a large network of roadway infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as a number of potential transit options. Keeping people safe when traveling to their destinations throughout our communities is a priority. Efforts to improve the safety of our residents, reduce the frequency and severity of crashes and provide transportation resources and information have long been underway through the MPO’s Safety Program. The Fatality Rate on Texas roadways for 2016 was 1.44 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled (VMT). This is a 3.59% increase from 2015. In comparison to the Alamo Area MPO roadways for 2017 was 1.0 deaths per hundered million VMT. This is lower than state avaerge. Below is a dashboard showing fatalities and serious injury crashes for the MPO study area.

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