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Freight Planning

Local & State Freight Planning

The Texas Transportation Commission adopted the Texas Freight Mobility Plan (Freight Plan) in January 2016. It is the first plan developed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) that focuses on Texas’ freight transportation needs. The statewide Freight Plan:

TxDOT is currently updating the Freight Plan to meet FAST Act requirements published in 2016. By December 1, 2017, TxDOT will submit the revised Freight Plan to the US Department of Transportation, taking into account:

Read the full Freight Plan.

Local Efforts

The Alamo Area MPO is currently working with freight stakeholders, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) to identify freight origins/destinations as well as the Critical Urban Freight Corridors required by the FAST Act for our region.  The goal is to have these corridors identified and adopted by the TPB by April 2016 so they can be used to revise the Texas Freight Mobility Plan. 

image illustrating the FAST Act PIO Process

Local Presentations