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image of air quality monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors air pollution around the country through a nationwide network of monitors. When a monitor detects smog in violation of federal standards, it is posted on the website.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) manages several Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAMS) that record pollutant levels daily within the Alamo Area MPO study area. Three of the CAMS are regulatory, or EPA required, monitors: San Antonio Northwest (C23), Camp Bullis (C58) and Calaveras Lake (C59). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) utilizes a three-year rolling average at these three CAMS to determine the area’s air quality status.

The image below shows the various CAMS located in the Alamo Area MPO study area, as well as the pollutants being monitored.

image of Air Quality Station legend