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Transportation Conformity


The Clean Air Act (CAA) requires transportation conformity for non-attainment and maintenance areas for transportation-related   Non-attainment areas are those exceeding current air quality standards.  Maintenance areas are those that were previously non-attainment but are currently within the standards.

Should the Alamo Area be found to be a non-attainment area, transportation conformity will apply to both the Transportation Improvement Program and the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or the short and long range transportation plans for the region.  This essentially covers projects funded or approved for funding by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Transportation conformity would require that our region do an analysis of the impact planned projects could have on air quality.  This ensures transportation and air quality agencies are working together throughout the planning process.

This page will serve as a repository of information related to transportation conformity, the CAA, and other related topics.  Please feel free to visit this page frequently for updates on this topic.

Transportation Conformity Repository of Information

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